Upload your data to the CGC

You can upload your private data to the CGC using any of the following file transfer methods to suit your various requirements and achieve the best upload speed and reliability for the volume and structure of data that you are uploading.

Upload from your local storage

Upload directly through the CGC's visual interface

The easiest and most intuitive way of uploading files to the CGC is to use the integrated upload functionality. This allows you to browse and select files from your local storage and upload them directly, without using additional tools or services. This upload method is most convenient and demonstrates best performance for small-scale uploads.

Upload using the Command-line (CLI) Uploader

If you have a larger volume of data on your local machine or cluster and want to upload it to the CGC (store it in the CGC storage), use the Command-line (CLI) Uploader. The CLI uploader is a fast and secure upload client that has been optimized to efficiently upload files to the CGC, taking advantage of parallelization where possible.

If the two recommended methods above are not convenient or suitable for your use case, you can also consider the following alternative upload option to bring data from your local storage to the CGC:

  • Upload via the API. If you want to implement your own upload mechanism, you can use the CGC API as a low-level method of uploading data to the CGC that treats a file as an ordered collection of smaller parts, manipulates multipart uploads, and offers more direct control over uploads.

Import from cloud storage

If the data you want to bring to the CGC is located in a cloud storage service, rather than your local machine, here are the import methods you can use depending on the location of your data.

Import from a volume

If the data is already available on a cloud storage service (AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage) and you want to use it on the CGC without transferring it to the CGC storage, use the Connect Cloud Storage feature.

Upload from an HTTP(S)/FTP server

If the data is available on an FTP or HTTP endpoint and you want to upload it to the CGC (store it in the CGC storage), use the HTTP(S)/FTP upload option. 


This method is also used to upload data from a cloud storage service such as AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage, using pre-signed URLs.