Restrict file downloads


CGC allows you to set a download restriction for all files in your project. As a result, project members will not be allowed to download any of the files.

The restriction is set during the procedure of creating a project and cannot be reverted. Once set, the restriction will be applied to all files that are added to the project.

You can decide to apply the same restriction to files that are generated by analyses i.e. task output files or allow your project members to copy files to other projects.


  1. Click Projects in the top navigation bar and select Create a project.
  2. Follow the rest of the procedure for creating a project.
  3. Click the Advanced settings tab.
  4. Under "Download Restriction Settings, move the toggle to Yes.
  1. Set the additional options:
    • Copying files... - select this option in case you want to allow project members to copy files from this project to any other project; downloading of these files will still not be allowed in the destination project.
    • Apply download restriction... - select this option if you want to apply this restriction to files that are generated by analyses i.e. as output files of the task.
  2. Click Create to create the project.