List of execution hints

Hint nameWorkflow levelNode levelTool levelDefaultNotesSee also
Allocates this many CPU cores for the execution of the tool.
πŸš«πŸš«βœ…1Accepts dynamic expressionsTool resource requirements
Allocates this much MB of RAM for the execution of the tool.
πŸš«πŸš«βœ…1024 [MB]Accepts dynamic expressionsTool resource requirements
Configures the type of all the AWS instances provisioned for this workflow/node/tool.
workflow > node > tool
βœ…βœ…βœ…Decided by the scheduling algorithm⚠️ The task will fail if the resources available on the instance are insufficient for any tool in the workflow.Available AWS instances
Sets the maximum number of instances that can run in parallel for workflow execution.
βœ…πŸš«πŸš«1⚠️ If a step is an inner workflow, its sbg:maxNumberOfParallelInstances will be overridden with the value from the outer workflow, even if it has not been set explicitly (i.e. the default value takes precedence).
Configures the additional files to preserve as logs inside the project
πŸš«πŸš«βœ…file nameAccepts dynamic expressions

1 The hints prefixed with sbg: are specific for the Seven Bridges execution environment. CWL 1.0 introduces coresMin / coresMax (minimum and maximum number of CPU cores) and ramMin / ramMax (minimum and maximum amount of RAM) in resource requirements, which can be found on any level (Workflow, Step, Tool). If your CWL 1.0 app description contains only the -Min or the -Max value, the Seven Bridges execution environment will use the specified value as the number of cores or amount of RAM required for execution. If both the -Min and the -Max value are specified, the execution will ignore the -Max value and provide enough resources to accommodate the -Min requirement, in order to provide consistency in execution of apps described using either sbg:draft-2 or 1.0 version of CWL. Finally, if sbg:CPURequirement or sbg:MemRequirement are evaluated along with the corresponding CWL 1.0 -Min requirements (coresMin or ramMin), the execution will use the higher of these two values as the required number of cores or amount of RAM.

Disk space requirements introduced in CWL 1.0 (tmpdirMin / tmpdirMax and outdirMin / outdirMax) are unfortunately not currently supported by the CGC.