PGP-UK data

The Personal Genome Project UK (PGP-UK) pilot dataset contains 201 files from 13 individuals that were downloaded from the PGP-UK Data Portal on 18 March 2018 and that are made available under the CC-0 license. You don't need special access or authorization status to use the data available in the PGP-UK project.

Data from the PGP-UK pilot is available on the CGC via a public project, which acts as a repository for data. The dataset includes 201 files representing in-depth multi-omics profiling of thirteen participants using whole genome sequencing, whole genome bisulphite sequencing, deep and shallow RNA sequencing, and DNA methylation array profiling from saliva or blood.

Through this public project, you will be able to filter the available files according to file type and descriptive metadata and to copy the files of interest into your own project for analysis using your own tools or tools available in the CGC Public Apps gallery. Note that you cannot currently query the PGP-UK pilot dataset via the Data Browser.

The PGP-UK public project contains the following distribution of samples and files by experimental strategy.

Experimental strategyNumber of samples (sample type)Number of files (file types)
WGS11 (blood)55 (fastq, bam, bam.bai, vcf)
WXS2 (blood)8 (fastq, bam, bam.bai, vcf)
RNA-Seq (targeted/whole)10 (blood)50 (fastq, bam, bam.bai)
WGBS10 (blood)40 (fastq.gz, bam, bam.bai)
Methylation Array11 (blood) + 3 (saliva)48 (idat)

Further information on the samples included in the PGP-UK pilot study can be found in Table 1 of the preprint.