Public projects overview

The CGC maintains public projects which act as repositories for examples of specific analyses as well as the associated data and tools you need to replicate these analyses on the CGC.

To preserve the integrity of the public projects' resources, you only have read permissions for these projects. You can browse through a public project to review the available data, workflows, and tools.

To conduct further analyses, you can also make a copy of the entire project or copy specific resources from the public project into your personal projects.

At this point, the copied project becomes your own project: you will have full project admin permissions and control over the project. Your actions in your own project will not affect the public project from which you obtained the resources.

Public projects on the CGC include:

Learn more about accessing public projects below.

Access public projects

To access public projects on the CGC:

  1. Select Public Projects from the top navigation bar.
  2. Click Copy project next to a project you want to copy.


Access public projects via the API

You can also access public projects via the API by using the naming convention of {project_owner}/{project}. Locate the project's owner and name from the URL bar on the visual interface.

For instance, the CCLE public project is located at You can refer to the CCLE public project in the API as sevenbridges/cancer-cell-line-encyclopedia-ccle.