Account settings

The Account settings page allows you to manage your basic account information as well as dataset access.

Access Account Settings

To access to your account settings:

  1. Click on your username in the top righthand corner.
  2. Select Account settings.
    The Account Settings page is displayed.

Use the tabs on the top to navigate between:

  • Account Settings to manage your basic information.
  • Dataset access to enable access to the TCGA data.

Manage your basic information

Click on the Account Settings tab on the top to change your personal information as well as your email address and password. Note that you won't be able to change the username you chose at sign-up.

Access Controlled Data

If you registered for the CGC by creating a CGC account, you can always link it with your eRA Commons account for dbGaP Controlled Data Access or with your ICGC account for ICGC Controlled Data Access.

To upgrade your account:

  1. Click your username in the top right corner, and select Account settings.
  2. Select the Dataset Access tab on the left side of the page.
  3. Fill out the required information for your desired dataset.

You will be taken to the relevant external site for authentication. After authentication, you'll be redirected to the CGC site to complete your registration.


Please note that an eRA Commons account can be linked to only one account on the CGC. This is in line with eRA Commons and dbGaP policies that do not allow more than one person to access data using the same account. More info:

Connect to a DRS server

To be able to import files from open or known external sources (such as CAVATICA Powered by Seven Bridges and BioData Catalyst Powered by Seven Bridges), you will first need to create a connection to the environment you are importing files from, using the DRS endpoint of the specific environment.

To connect to another environment via DRS:

  1. Click your username in the upper right corner and select Account Settings.
  2. Click the Dataset Access tab.
  1. Find the section for the environment you want to connect via DRS and click Connect
  2. If you are not already logged into your account in the environment you are connecting to, you will now be asked to log in. Once completed, your CGC account is connected to the specified environment and you can start importing files using the import via DRS feature.

This connection will automatically expire in 30 days. You can disconnect your accounts at any time.

Disconnect your account from a DRS server

Follow the procedure below to disconnect your account from a DRS server. Please keep in mind that you will no longer be able to import files through from the environment you disconnected. In addition, the files that have been previously imported will no longer be available for use.

  1. Click your username in the upper right corner and choose option Account Settings.
  2. Click the Dataset Access tab.
  3. Find the section for the environment you want to disconnect. 
  4. Click the ellipsis menu  and select Deactivate.

Your account is now disconnected from the DRS server.

Account inactivity

If you haven't logged in to the CGC in 90 days, your account will be temporarily disabled due to inactivity. Prior to temporary account deactivation, you will be notified by email and will be provided with the option to log in and keep your account active.

If your account does get deactivated, you will not be able to use it to log in, but your data remains on the CGC and is not affected in any way. To re-enable your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the CGC with your username and password. Account reactivation dialog is displayed.
  2. Click Activate account. Reactivation email is sent to your account's email address.
  3. Open the reactivation email in your email inbox and click Activate account. You are taken to the password setting screen on the CGC.
  4. Set a new password. Make sure that the password matches all requirements listed below the password entry field.
  5. Click Activate account. Your account is now reactivated.
  6. Log in with your username and your new password. You are taken to the dashboard and can continue working with the CGC.

When the reactivation email is sent, you have 6 hours to activate the account.


Note that temporary account deactivation due to inactivity applies only to dedicated CGC accounts and does not affect external accounts that are used to access the CGC, such eRA Commons.