ICGC data

The International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) coordinates a global network of research groups that aims to generate and publicly release comprehensive catalogues of genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic information across 50 different cancer types and/or subtypes of clinical and societal importance. The ICGC also supports the standardization of clinical information reporting and the dissemination of analytical tools to promote the integration of other datasets with data generated by ICGC member organizations.  

ICGC data is available through several distributed repositories. Through the CGC, authorized users can access all data hosted in ICGC's AWS-Virginia repository, which includes whole genome sequencing and RNA sequencing data generated as part of the PanCancer Analysis of Whole Genomes (PCAWG) Study as well as other files which are analyzed using a common set of alignment and variant calling workflows. This data, which is derived from 12 tumor sites represented in more than 2100 (1300 for PCAWG) tissue donors, aims to document the full range of somatic mutations present in the studied tumors, including single-nucleotide variants, insertions, deletions, copy number changes, translocations, and other chromosomal rearrangements at high resolution.

Note that all ICGC data is Controlled Data and that while you can analyze, view, and  add ICGC files to your projects on the CGC, you will not be able to download the file or use the RAW text file viewer.

Learn more about the metadata associated with ICGC data on the CGC.

Data typeNumber of donorsNumber of filesSizeData formatData access tier
Aligned reads19447868513.62 TBBAMControlled Data
Copy number somatic mutation1338286271.96VCFControlled Data
Simple germline variation13384293262.19 GBVCFControlled Data
Simple somatic mutation13381287998.38 GBVCFControlled Data
Structural germline variation133828624.52 GBVCFControlled Data
Structural somatic mutation13387137504.24 MBVCFControlled Data
Unaligned reads6011290134.58 TBBAM, FASTQControlled Data

The latest data in AWS Virginia is available as of Apr 12 2021 and it includes 2410 donors, 39191 files that are 648.57 TB in size.