The NCI provides credits to assist researchers with the computational and storage costs associated with using the CGC. Credits are distributed through a fair-share model to ensure as many researchers as possible have the opportunity to conduct substantial analyses on the CGC.

There are no costs associated with using the CGC beyond the cost of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) users access as part of their research, such as data storage costs for files they upload or generate as part of their analyses and compute costs they incur while running their analyses on the CGC. All costs are directly based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) on-demand instance pricing and S3 data storage.


Pilot funds for using CGC are available upon request. Please contact our Support for more information.


We are now accepting proposals for large cancer research and tool development projects that will be conducted on the CGC. These projects are expected to be collaborative in nature with multiple individuals (who may be in the same laboratory) contributing to the overall outcome of the project. Applicants will be expected to work with the CGC Team to prepare a cost estimate and timeline for the proposed project, and, as warranted by the project objectives, funded projects will be granted up to $10,000 in credits to cover data storage and computation costs on the CGC. Requests from graduate students and postdocs are particularly encouraged.

Please contact the CGC Team at [email protected] with the subject ‘CGC Collaborative Project Support Request’ to discuss this opportunity with us. Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis, subject to the availability of credits.