Set execution hints at task level

Apart from being able to control Seven Bridges execution hints at workflow level, the CGC also allows you to set instance type and the maximum number of instances that can run in parallel for each individual task run. Specifically, the following hints sbg:AWSInstanceTypesbg:GoogleInstanceType and sbg:maxNumberOfParallelInstances can also be set at task level. Values set for an individual task will override the values set at workflow level, according to the following priority: task > workflow >node.

Via the visual interface

Instance type hint and level of parallelization can be activated on draft task page following the procedure below:

  1. Create a draft task.
  2. On the draft task page, select the Execution Settings tab.
  3. In the Instance type section, select Custom. Instance selection options are displayed.
  4. In the Instance dropdown select the instance you want to use for task execution. You can also add or change the value in the Attached Storage field to define the size of storage attached to the computation instance.
  5. Set the maximum number of parallel instances for Parallelization. This defines the maximum number of instances that can run in parallel for app execution.
    You have now configured execution hints for the given task.

Via the API

To set task level hints via the API, you have instance_type and max_parallel_instances parameters in execution_settings as part of the following API calls: