Publish your app in the Public Apps gallery


Publish the tools and workflows you've developed to the Platform's Public Apps gallery. Publish your new tool or workflow to the Public Apps gallery by publishing the project containing it.

Considerations for publishing projects

The content of a published project becomes instantly available to anyone with access to the URL, enabling them to view and copy the contents.

For data security reasons, we recommend that you don't run tasks in your published projects and that they only contain apps and any suggested files your apps might benefit from.

Any changes you make to your published apps are immediately reflected in the Public Apps gallery. Anyone using the app will be notified that a new revision is available, so please ensure any published apps are ready to be used.

From both a maintenance and a security point of view, we also recommend that you keep the project members to a minimum.

Publish your app

  1. Create a new project on the Platform.
  2. Add your new app to the project.
  3. Contact us at [email protected] to publish your project.

Your published apps are tagged to indicate you as the publisher and appear in the Public Apps gallery. However, project files in the published project do not appear in the Public Reference Files repository, and your project is not listed as a public project on the Platform.