Dataset ontologies


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On this page, learn more about the metadata ontologies for TCGA, TCGA GRCh38, and CCLE which are used in the Data Browser , the SPARQL endpoint, and the Datasets API .

These ontologies are schemas for datasets exposed on the opensparql endpoint and are good resources to stay up-to-date on the structure and versioning of the schema for data on the CGC.

Access ontologies

Access ontologies directly using the URLs in the table below. Or, follow the steps below to browse ontologies.

  1. Navigate to the Seven Bridges GitHub repository for all published ontologies at
  2. Click on the Ontologies folder.
  3. Select the relevant folder.
  4. Choose an RDF file containing the versioned ontology you wish to access.

Ontology organization and versioning

Ontologies are carefully versioned and maintained in our repository. Each ontology folder contains further folders which represent specific versions of the ontology. Each version folder contains only one data.rdf file which is a specific version of the ontology.

Versioning is preserved in the name of the version folders, with the following format: YEAR.MONTH.PATCH. For instance, 2014.4.1 is the first patch of the 2017.4.0 release which occurred in April of 2017.

Table of versioned ontologies

Below, find a table of versioned ontologies available. Versioning information is provided in the YEAR.MONTH.PATCH format.