Collaborations on the CGC are project dependent. To collaborate, you first need to create a project. Only project administrators can invite collaborators to a project. Collaborators will be added to the project as project members.

To add a new member to a project:

  1. Navigate to the desired project.
  2. Click Invite new members (or Manage members in case there are already members in the project) on the dashboard of your chosen project.
  1. Begin typing your collaborator's CGC username or their email address. The CGC will autosuggest all users with whom you have previously collaborated.


Adding member to a Controlled Data Project

If you try to add a project member without access to TCGA Controlled Data to a Controlled Data Project, you will receive a warning message and the member won't be added.

If your collaborator does not have an account on the CGC, they will receive an email inviting them to create an account and join the project. In order to begin working together, your collaborator needs to register on the CGC.


Controlled Data Project members require Controlled Data access

Once your collaborator has registered for the CGC, they will have access to the resources of your Controlled Data Project only if they have access to TCGA Controlled Data through the dbGaP.