CGC tutorials

The best way to see how the CGC can help your research is to try it out.

Use our tutorials to take a tour!

The visual interface

The CGC Quickstart

Start with the QuickStart. This will walk you through a simple exome sequencing analysis using the CGC's visual interface in your browser.

We recommend that you start with the Quickstart to gain familiarity with the basic concepts of the CGC. In particular, you'll create a project, and populate it with some TCGA files and publicly available apps provided on the CGC. Then, you'll modify the files' metadata and the workflow's parameter settings, before running a task.


Rabix is a toolkit that allows you to install and run custom software on the Platform. Follow the worked example of uploading SamTools Sort to see how to Dockerize an app, upload it to the CGC, and use it in a workflow.


API Quickstart

The API allows you to automate all procedures on the CGC. The API Quickstart parallels the steps of the Quickstart for the visual interface, but carries them out via the API. It comes with an ipython notebook to allow you to interactively run the code yourself.

API Recipes

To get started building on the CGC API, take a look at the API recipes.