List all API paths


This call returns all API paths, so that you don't need to rely on documentation in the terminal.


Example request

GET /v2/ HTTP/1.1
X-SBG-Auth-Token: 3210a98c1db9318fa9d9273156740f74
curl  -s -H "X-SBG-Auth-Token: 6282d5e2121d43e7900e9d52b15845e7" -H "content-type: application/json" -X GET


Listing API calls

Your authentication token is not necessary to make this call (only).


See a list of CGC-specific response codes that may be contained in the body of the response.

Example response body

  "rate_limit_url": "",
  "user_url": "",
  "users_url": "",
  "billing_url": "",
  "projects_url": "",
  "files_url": "",
  "tasks_url": "",
  "apps_url": "",
  "action_url": "",
  "storage_url": ""