Get a URL for downloading a file

This call will return a URL for downloading a file. Before you can download a file, please make sure your project contains it. Learn more from this tutorial.{object_id}/access/{access_id}


Example request

GET ga4gh/drs/v1/objects/4c33ae65e4b032ce3d94e9c/access/aws-us-east-1 HTTP/1.1
X-SBG-Auth-Token: 3210a98c1db9318fa9d9273156740f74
GET /ga4gh/drs/v1/objects/4c33ae65e4b032ce3d94e9c/access/aws-us-east-1c HTTP/1.1
X-SBG-Auth-Token: 3210a98c1db9318fa9d9273156740f74

Header Fields

KeyDescription of value
Your CGC authentication token.

Path parameters

KeyDescription of value
object_idThe ID of the DRS object i.e. the ID of the file in your project.
access_idAn arbitrary string to be passed to the /access method to get an AccessURL.

Note: use the Get info about a DRS object call to retrieve the access_idparameter.


See a list of CGC-specific response codes that may be contained in the body of the response.

Response body

The response object contains the link for downloading the file.

KeyData type of valueDescription of value
urlStringThe link for downloading the file.

Example response body

    "url": ""