Elastic Disk


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Elastic Disk is the option of automatic extension of attached disk space that will allow task execution to continue if the original disk capacity becomes insufficient.

If Elastic Disk is enabled, the CGC will automatically extend attached disk space by 50% once 80% load has been reached on the existing disk space. The execution of your tools on the instance will continue without any interruption while the changes take effect. The extension can happen 4 times at maximum or to a maximum disk size.

Disk extension will be added to the sum of the Attached Disk item in your final task price.

Activate Elastic disk for a project

Only project administrators can activate Elastic Disk within a project. Elastic Disk can be activated while creating a project, or subsequently within project settings following the procedure below:

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Under Execution settings switch Elastic Disk to On.

Activate Elastic disk for a draft task

Please note that settings at task level override project-level settings.

  1. Create a draft task.
  2. On the draft task page, under the Execution Settings tab, switch Elastic Disk to On.

Elastic Disk control via the API

The use_elastic_disk parameter provides control over enabling or disabling Elastic Disk in projects and tasks. Please note that project-level settings can be changed only by project administrators.

Elastic Disk can be enabled or disabled as a part of the following API calls: