What is the paper.iCluster.Group parameter?

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LUAD clinical data has a parameter paper_iCluster.Group. What does it stand for, I can't find the definition anywhere
Jan 26, 2021

iCluster represents a model for integrative clustering, described in this paper:

In addition to metadata from the original TCGA project, OmicSoft extracts data from publications from the TCGA working group and in 2018, the PanCancerAtlas publications. Here, users can browse sample level clustering information or categorical attributes from TCGA publications. These variables are grouped into several categories based on phenotypes, molecular subtypes, gene signatures, etc. under Clinical Data | TCGA Marker Paper(http://www.arrayserver.com/wiki/index.php?title=TCGA_Marker_Papers). Among the categories listed here is the iCluster category that is described as clustering of ~10,000 Tumor samples using iCluster(model) as part of PanCancerAtlas. Users can browse all this data and use it to group samples based on these characters. For example, grouping all tumors by iCluster.

To sum up: paper_iCluster.group represents data grouped by integrated subtypes by iCluster analysis, that come from PanCancerAtlas publications.

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