STAR genome generate (2.7.0e) error

Posted in API by Jillian Sieh Mon Dec 09 2019 19:26:09 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 730 times

Hi, I'm using STAR genome generate and STAR from public apps (both 2.7.0e) to align a human RNA-seq data (uploaded privately) and I'm using GRCh38.primary_assembly.genome.fa and gencode.v32.annotation.gtf as the reference genome and gene annotation file for genome indices generation. I keep getting this error: Command mkdir genomeDir && STAR --runMode genomeGenerate --genomeDir ./genomeDir --runThreadN 20 --genomeChrBinNbits 16 --limitGenomeGenerateRAM 60000000000 --genomeFastaFiles /sbgenomics/workspaces/2bc67190-cbb2-43ba-866b-ca9e77ce024a/tasks/a72a496a-3859-480c-8de1-31c0e332b50e/star_genome_generate_2_7_0e/GRCh38.primary_assembly.genome.fa --sjdbGTFfile /sbgenomics/workspaces/2bc67190-cbb2-43ba-866b-ca9e77ce024a/tasks/a72a496a-3859-480c-8de1-31c0e332b50e/star_genome_generate_2_7_0e/gencode.v32.annotation.gtf && tar -vcf ./genomeDir && mv Log.out Log.out.log failed with exit code 137. Can someone tell me how to solve this? Thank you!
Dec 10, 2019

Hello Jillian,

For more information and more detailed troubleshooting, please contact our Support Team using the Get support button available on the task page (the page that displays the error message).

Thank you!

Dec 10, 2019

Thanks! I have solved this problem by changing the instance type.

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