Tissue Slides and Gene Expression Data

Posted in TCGA data on the CGC by Magdalena Eberl Tue Oct 15 2019 06:38:51 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·Viewed 957 times

Hi CGC Team, I am planning to use the tissue slides and the gene expression data from TCGA. Therefore I need the connections between the two units. Since the TCGA barcodes sometimes don't match (e.g. if the portion number is different), I want to use the metadata to get this information. I created the query for it and tried to download the connections. But if I export the corresponding file, I can only download up to 3000 lines. That would be enough, but if I drop all duplicates, I only have 100 lines. Is there a way to download the hole table directly from the query? Best regards, Lena
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