How to add data from a GCS bucket?

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There's world-readable data in a Google Cloud Storage bucket. I can access it from curl from the https URL without authenticating, or from boto or gsutil using the gs:// URL. Is there a way to add this data to my CGC project?
Feb 28, 2017

A CGC user can use our volumes API to connect their Google Cloud Storage bucket with the platform. They can import any input files within their GCS bucket to the platform and analyze the data similar to any other file that resides on the platform. The documentation for Volumes API can be found [here] (

Mar 2, 2017


Am I correct that currently the only way to add a volume is via the API? Ie, today it can't be done from the website, or from a command-line utility?

If so, that's still doable, just a bit more work to figure out how to curl it with the right json. An example of the curl command would be helpful. If I get it working, I may post an example here.

Mar 2, 2017

And json payload details here:

A handy command-line would be friendlier. This is doable and thoroughly documented. Thanks!

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