How are EC2 instance types assigned to a task

Posted in General by Anjan Purkayastha Thu Sep 01 2016 14:26:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 2,166 times

How does SBG assign an EC2 instance type to a task? Is this done solely on the resource (CPU, memory) requirements specified by the user, or is there any other optimization going on? Thanks, Anjan
Sep 1, 2016

Hi, Anjan. Thanks for your question!

When you modify the default CPU and Memory settings in the Tool Editor, you are setting the minimal computational requirements for that tool. The platform will use this information to find the right instance. If no information is provided or the CPU/Memory settings are unchanged, each tool is assigned a c4.2xlarge instance with 1TB EBS (storage) by default.

You can learn more about how we provision EC instances when executing workflows in our documentation. For example, we have a guide for setting explicit instances for individual tools or whole workflows. This may be helpful if wanting to assign smaller instances than the default:

And here is some information on our multi-instance scheduling algorithm:

Sep 2, 2016

Thanks Gaurav, for the helpful comments. I'll follow up on the links.

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