Multiple TCGA BAM for same sample

Posted in TCGA data on the CGC by Franco Caramia Wed Aug 03 2016 12:10:04 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·1·Viewed 1,255 times

HI there, I've noticed that some TCGA samples have multiple RNA-Seq BAM files, what would be the difference between the files? If it's convenient to use one over the other, what criteria should be used to select such file. Example: TCGA-STAD RNA-seq TCGA-BR-8368-01A-11R-2343-13_rnaseq.bam 14.5GB _1_TCGA-BR-8368-01A-11R-2343-13_rnaseq.bam 14.7GB Thanks, Franco
Feb 13, 2017

I have the same doubt... I imagine that the group in charge of that data maybe resequenced it a couple of times to have a technical replicate. Again, that's my guess, I would also appreciate if anybody know it for sure.



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