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Posted in Upload your private data by Nathaniel Watson Sat May 14 2016 19:35:42 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 1,406 times

I am repeatedly getting errors while trying to upload this 31GB file: [[email protected] login_node ~/software/cgc-uploader]$ ls -lh /scratch/users/nathankw/IndelIndices.tar.gz -rw-r--r-- 1 nathankw ruthm 31G May 13 22:13 /scratch/users/nathankw/IndelIndices.tar.gz [[email protected] login_node ~/software/cgc-uploader]$ ./bin/cgc-uploader.sh -p 0b57a269-388b-4a99-b197-fd9206a00375 /scratch/users/nathankw/IndelIndices.tar.gz Initializing upload... Starting upload of 1 file(s) to 'salzman' 5736ddbfe4b0e5be418274b4 /scratch/users/nathankw/IndelIndices.tar.gz 100.00% Upload failed (FAILED) When I look at the project on CGC that I was uploading to, it looks like the file is all there size-wise. Why do I get the failed error message?
May 17, 2016

We're happy to look into that. Can you provide the program's log files by e-mail to Cancer Genomics Cloud CGC@sbgenomics.com? The command-line interface's log file is located is located in the directory cgc-uploader/log/.

May 19, 2016

Hi, we looked at the log files, and we think this issue was most likely caused by trying to upload a file when another file of the same name already exists. Please let us know if this was not the case, and we can investigate further.

This behavior will be better documented in a future release of the uploader so that the error is more informative.

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