I have a Docker image that I want to push to the CGC image repo. How do I do that?

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Mar 2, 2016

Images that you push to the CGC image registry must have "cgc-images.sbgenomics.com/" as a prefix to the image name. If you haven’t yet, pull the Docker image to your local machine. You can then use the ‘docker tag’ command to retag the image so it can be pushed to the CGC image repo. After, you can log into the CGC and push the image using the Docker CLI.

For example:

$ docker pull rfranklin/pythondev

$ docker tag <IMAGE_ID> cgc-images.sbgenomics.com/rfranklin/pythondev

  • get the image ID for rfranklin/pythondev or your image in the table produced by the ‘docker images’ command
  • image id begins with ‘sha’

$ docker login cgc-images.sbgenomics.com

  • use your CGC credentials (username and auth token for password)

$ docker push cgc-images.sbgenomics.com/rfranklin/pythondev

Note that 'docker tag' doesn't duplicate or copy the image. It only lets you associate the image with an different repo or name.

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