How billing works w.r.t. AWS biling mechanism

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Hi, I'm struggling to understand how your CGC billing is tied to individual's AWS accounts?
Jan 27, 2016

Hi Jianjun,

My name is Damir and I work for Seven Bridges as a Product Manager and I deal with our internal billing mechanism. I will try to answer your question.
CGC is using a single AWS account and users are billed according to what they spend, which can be running analysis (tasks) or storing data. We model our own billing according to AWS billing, so we charge instances and S3 prices the same as AWS would charge them.

For CGC, we distribute the credits to the users which can be used for analysis or storing data, as described on

So, no, we do not use individual AWS account, but a central account and we bill users based on what they spend (for example, if your analysis uses 5h of computation instance, we would charge you 5h of the AWS instance price).

Jan 28, 2016

Hi Damir,

Our lab has AWS account with 50K. Can I use credit on this account to run analysis on CGC?
If yes, how can I connect our lab AWS account to my CGC account?


Jan 28, 2016

Hi HoJoon,

In short - no, CGC does not support connecting to your own AWS account and using resources (like EC2 instances) from there.



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