How do I access the CGC?

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Nov 3, 2015

Once you create a CGC account you can access it via the visual interface in your web browser and via the API.

Dec 16, 2015

So, I got an email notifying me of having been approved for early access to the CGC. I went over to, logged in with my eRA commons username and password, and was greeted with a page that said "Congratulations! Your registration is complete!" with no links that I could see to any of the seemingly useful interfaces documented at How can I get to the CGC visual interface?

Also, on a separate note, when I log in with my eRA Commons username and password, your system does not recognize that I have been approved to access controlled data by the TCGA. I was given an NCI username and password by the TCGA DAC that I use to download TCGA data. Do I need to link my eRA Commons and NCI accounts in some way?

Dec 17, 2015

During the Early Adopter program, there is an account activation step after you register. Upon your first login, you will receive an account activation email within one business day. After that, you can start accessing the CGC.

Once you access the CGC, our system will automatically recognize your TCGA data access permissions. You can check your access level by clicking your username in the upper right corner. If it displays an access level other than what you expect, please contact us at You can also read more about how to check your dbGaP access on our Knowledge Center.

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