CDS Data

Currently available release on the CGC

Currently available version of CDS data on the CGC includes the following latest updates:

  • October 2022
    • PHS002790 - Molecular Characterization Initiative (CCDI)

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Update history

  • September 2022

    • PHS002504 - UCSF Database for the Advancement of JMML - Integration of Metadata with “Omic” Data (CCDI)
  • July 2022

    • PHS002366 - Lung Cancer Genetic Study among Asian Never Smokers
  • June 2022

    • PHS002620 - Feasibility and Clinical Utility of Whole Genome Profiling in Pediatric and Young Adult Cancers (CCDI)
    • PHS002599 - NCI CCSG CCDI Supplement Additional Genomic Submission (CCDI)
  • April 2022

    • PHS002371 - Human Tumor Atlas Network
    • PHS001819 - Whole Genome Sequencing to Discover Familial Myeloma Risk Genes
  • July 2021

    • PHS001524 - The Genetic Basis of Aggressive Prostate Cancer, The Role of Rare Variation
    • PHS001787 - Discovery of Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Genes in High-Risk Families
    • PHS002011 - Limited Use Pilot Test Data. The PHS002011 manifest file is available for download the CGC documentation.
  • December 2020 - The initial version of CDS data is available on the CGC. The following studies have been released:

    • PHS001554 - Detection of Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Loci Using Genome-Wide Sequencing
    • PHS001713 - Development of A Tumor Molecular Analyses Program and Its Use to Support Treatment Decisions
    • PHS001437 - Pediatric Preclinical Testing Consortium