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STAR genome generate (2.7.0e) error

Hi, I'm using STAR genome generate and STAR from public apps (both 2.7.0e) to align a human RNA-seq data (uploaded privately) and I'm using GRCh38.primary_assembly.genome.fa and gencode.v32.annotation.gtf as the reference genome and gene annotation file for genome indices generation. I keep getting this error:

Command mkdir genomeDir && STAR --runMode genomeGenerate --genomeDir ./genomeDir --runThreadN 20 --genomeChrBinNbits 16 --limitGenomeGenerateRAM 60000000000 --genomeFastaFiles /sbgenomics/workspaces/2bc67190-cbb2-43ba-866b-ca9e77ce024a/tasks/a72a496a-3859-480c-8de1-31c0e332b50e/star_genome_generate_2_7_0e/GRCh38.primary_assembly.genome.fa --sjdbGTFfile /sbgenomics/workspaces/2bc67190-cbb2-43ba-866b-ca9e77ce024a/tasks/a72a496a-3859-480c-8de1-31c0e332b50e/star_genome_generate_2_7_0e/gencode.v32.annotation.gtf && tar -vcf ./genomeDir && mv Log.out Log.out.log failed with exit code 137.

Can someone tell me how to solve this? Thank you!