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Clarification for TCGA data

I have trouble matching WSI slides to their grade, or TNM.

For example, patient: TCGA-BC-A110
has three slide samples:
Sample TCGA-BC-A110-01Z (Primary Tumor)
Sample TCGA-BC-A110-01A (Primary Tumor)
Sample TCGA-BC-A110-11A (Normal tissue)

Question 1:
Is it correct samples ending with A were all sampled together?

Question 2:
Can I know which were sampled first? Samples ending with A, or Z?
[Pathology report exist only for A, with conclusion of Grade I. Clinical file nationwidechildrens.org_clinical.TCGA-BC-A110.xml states patient had cancer with grade I, and later a reoccurence. It means A is the first tumor event, and Z the second?]

Question 3:
I noticed pathology reports are never available for Z samples, and only for A. Is there a reason?