How can I download metadata on a list of files

Posted in TCGA data on the CGC by Anjan Purkayastha Fri Sep 02 2016 19:11:05 GMT+0000 (UTC)·1·Viewed 906 times

I would like to download the meta-data for a set of files. For examples, I have four gene-wise readcounts text files. Each file has associated metadata: platform type, reference genome, disease, investigation etc. I would like to download the associated metadata for a set of files, as a text file, onto my local machine. Is it possible to do this? Thanks, Anjan
Erik Lehnert
Sep 6, 2016

Hi Anjan,

Currently, there is not a way to do this with the GUI. However, it is possible to do obtain file metadata using the API. You can find examples of how to obtain metadata using the Python API library here

That said, we are investigating implementing this, as several users have expressed a desire for this functionality.

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