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Upload failed (FAILED)

I am repeatedly getting errors while trying to upload this 31GB file:
[[email protected] login_node ~/software/cgc-uploader]$ ls -lh /scratch/users/nathankw/IndelIndices.tar.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 nathankw ruthm 31G May 13 22:13 /scratch/users/nathankw/IndelIndices.tar.gz

[[email protected] login_node ~/software/cgc-uploader]$ ./bin/ -p 0b57a269-388b-4a99-b197-fd9206a00375 /scratch/users/nathankw/IndelIndices.tar.gz
Initializing upload...
Starting upload of 1 file(s) to 'salzman'
5736ddbfe4b0e5be418274b4 /scratch/users/nathankw/IndelIndices.tar.gz 100.00%
Upload failed (FAILED)

When I look at the project on CGC that I was uploading to, it looks like the file is all there size-wise.

Why do I get the failed error message?