What is the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud?

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Seven Bridges
Nov 3, 2015
The Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) is a [pilot project](https://cbiit.nci.nih.gov/ncip/nci-cancer-genomics-cloud-pilots) funded by the [National Cancer Institute](http://www.cancer.gov/) (NCI) to co-localize large genomics datasets and computational resources in the cloud. The CGC aims to bring bioinformatics tools directly to NCI-generated genomics data such as TCGA, to decrease the costs, set-up time, and support burden of local storage and computational infrastructure. [We are delighted](http://blog.sbgenomics.com/cancer-genomics-cloud-pilot/) to be one of three organizations selected by the NCI, along with the [Broad Institute](http://www.broadinstitute.org/news/6166) and the [Institute for Systems Biology](https://www.systemsbiology.org/news/isb-gets-65-million-nci-create-%E2%80%98cancer-genomics-cloud%E2%80%99-partners-google-and-sra-international), to build a Cloud Pilot platform able to meet the next generation of challenges in genomics research.
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